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Neats Nappy Bags 300


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Big value

For hygienic nappy disposal


Tie close handles

Whether you are at home or out for the day, Neat’s will provide you with the hygienic and convenient answer for disposing of used disposable nappies, trainer pants and for carrying dirty reusable nappies. The fresh fragrance will mask any unpleasant smells.

The tie-handle closure mechanism allows you to secure the bag, keeping it safe until it can be disposed of hygienically

Ingredients Preparation and Usage

Directions for Use:
Place the soiled nappy into the bag together with any cotton wool or wipes used during the nappy change. Tie the handles together and dispose of the bag hygienically.

Safety Warnings

Do not flush down the toilet. To avoid danger, keep polythene bags away from babies, young children and pets. Do not use for carrying food.
This product contains a fragrance. If an allergic reaction develops, discontinue use.

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